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It’s not a surprise that many of our dearest costumers come to our free webcam site just for the Asian webcam shows.
These girls went into the game not just to play around, but to dominate.
With their petite bodies, their sexy accents and that cute look on those pretty faces, they will wrap you around their little Asian finger like a snake wraps around its prey.
But don’t be scared, these Asian webcam girls don’t really bite… hard.

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Why should you go for Asian webcam shows?

There is a very good reason for you to visit our Asian webcam shows.
First of all, it’s completely free.
Really, you can look around our best Asian webcam shows for hours without even paying a single dime, baht, dong or riel.
Nobody will force you to pay anything and most of our Asian models are happy to chat with you even if you don’t give them anything.

Another reason to keep coming back is the uptime; the amount of time these sweet Asian girls spend online is amazing.
It’s true, they often don’t need much money to be able to afford a normal lifestyle.
Many of our beautiful Asian models don’t need a second job because the work at JezebelCams pays them enough to take care of themselves.
Because of this, they truly have all the time in the world to spend on their webcam job.

This brings us to another important point.
Many costumers ask us: Do your Asian girls like white guys? And our answer is: Yes, Asian girls really do like white guys.
You can trust us when we say that they are willing to go pretty far to prove this to you.
See, “Playing hard to get” is not a game that our Asian girls like to play.
When they feel you are a serious admirer and you might be a good man for them, they are ready to invest a lot of time into you.
In contrast to Western camgirls, some of our Asian webcam girls are honest about the fact that they are also looking for a white boyfriend.
We completely accept that here at JezebelCams, and we tell them; What you do outside your camshows is up to you.
They get the message, and so, many of our Asian cam girls take their time outside their cam schedule to socialize with their favorite costumers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that they just turn their backs towards the other costumers.
These Asian beauties can be a bit naive, but they are certainly not stupid.
After all, they have to keep their mind on the money, and so they will do their best to make every single costumer feel like a king.

The shows of our Asian webcam models are filled with hot and heavy action.
It’s a free culture over there in the east and it’s quite normal to see an Asian webcam model start with only some sexy Asian lingerie on or a nice sexy Asian bikini.
What you see is what you get, and that’s exactly the mindset of these girls.
They know that a long, boring strip show with a lot of chatting before anything ever happens will drive the costumers off to other cams, and so they do what they do best.
No, we’re not talking about cooking, we’re talking about showing their beautiful Asian bodies with perfect Asian skin off to their beloved viewers.
Hey, but here at JezebelCams we don’t judge!
Perhaps you’re a fan of these “long, boring strip shows” and you don’t mind sitting back and watching the action unfold slowly.
We guarantee you that there are also plenty of Asian webcam girls that start off in a sexy Asian dress that reveals just enough to keep you engaged.
We don’t share the same taste as you slow-show lovers, but they will still take care of your boring asses, don’t you worry about that!

Top 3 Asian webcam girls

We know it can be very difficult to find the best Asian webcam models.
That is why we made this top 3 list of our best Asian webcam models.
Please keep in mind that the list is completely random, number 3 can give you a camshow that is just as good as number 1.

For this list we looked at costumer satisfaction, followers, overall quality and their profile.
Enjoy our top picks and remember: Be respectful.

#1 Love_haruchan

Real name: Haru
Followers: 11239
Age: 20

We start off with an amazing South Korean webcam model named Haru.
She’s still a student in real life which is no surprise since she is only 20 years old!
I bet you guys would love to get your hands on that perfect Hanguk ass don’t you?
When she’s not busy studying to be a professor, she’s probably thinking about what that nice white man that she talked to earlier is hiding in his pants.
Are you willing to whip it out and make all her mosdoen dreams come true?

Visit this Korean webcam model here.


#2 Asiantabbyx

Real name: Tabby
Followers: 16652
Age: 26

Now, you might be thinking: 26 years old dude, why would i pick her?
There is a very simple reason to do so: She’s from Laos.
For people who don’t know shit about this country: It is absolutely forbidden to sell yourself like Tabby is doing, especially to white Western men.
No kidding, if you are a Western man and you are caught having an intimate time with a Lao girl in Laos, you’re basically screwed and you should prepare yourself for fun times in Laos prison.
But guess what, here at JezebelCams we wipe our asses with those rules and put her on a fucking pedestal!
She really pulled out all the tricks to get to this point, just to show her beautiful body to you guys and to let you see how sexy this Laos cam girl really is.
You guys don’t even realize how lucky you are.

Visit this Lao webcam model here.

#3 Michelyy

Real name: Michel
Followers: 10167
Age: 25

Not all beautiful Chinese girls you meet want to take you to a tea house ad charge you too much money to look at boring ass paintings and art.
This cute Chinese took upon her the daunting task to prove to you that there are still pretty Chinese girls who can give you a great time for absolutely free.
We hate to talk in stereotypes that Chinese girls are easy, but this young Chinese girl actually is, or does it just look like it?
She often lets fate decide what happens in her show.
You see, if you tip her 30 tokens, you get to roll the dice.
This can give you everything from a blow kiss to showing off her beautiful Chinese hairy pussy.
Can you become the next king in her chatroom and make all the other viewers bow to you?

Visit this Chinese webcam model here.

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