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Top 3 young teen cams

We know that it can sometimes be very difficult to find the best young teen cams.
That is why we made this top 3 list of our best free young teen cams.
Please keep in mind that the list is completely random, number 3 can give you a camshow that is just as good as number 1.

For this list we looked at costumer satisfaction, followers, overall quality and their profile.
Enjoy our top picks and remember: Be respectful.

#1 LittleNikona

Real Name: Nikole smith
Followers: 30578
Age: 19

Oh, you want them young AND small?
You’re probably thinking 2 things right now:
Number 1: Could it be that the guys over at JezebelCams have mastered the ancient Eastern art of mind reading?
And number 2: Yes! So which girl do you have for me?
The answer to number 1 is that we’ve been in the game long enough to know our customer base.
As for number 2; we’ve got just the right girl for you.
Nikole will tell you that she’s from Candyland, now we can make all sorts of puns on that but you know we have a certain status to uphold.
We can say that this girl is everything you want from a young teen cam model.
Small, skinny, a nice set of tits and an ass that can make the devil cry.
Sweet as sugar with her candy-ass, she would lick your lollipop until you unload all that caramel filling on her gummy tits.
Aawwwww shit, we messed it up.

Watch her pop her cherry over and over here.

#2 Cindy_96

Real Name: Cindy
Followers: 45095
Age: 19

Next up is Cindy, this Russian doll is one of our finest specimen.
We actually had a small contest going in the office not so long ago for who could find a flaw on her body.
We all put $50 in the jar and guess what? Up to this day that jar is still filled with the $100 prize money.
Now don’t come in here claiming that $100 dollar saying you found a flaw because we will kick your punk-ass back to your mother’s basement before you can say Рентгеноэлектрокардиографического.
Just enjoy her shows, her English is fine anyway so it doesn’t even matter.
She loves showing her perfect body and she is very fond of doing anal as well.
We told you our girls are pretty much perfect, didn’t we?

Go see if you could’ve won our little contest here.

#3 Sassyhelen

Real Name: Helen Sass
Followers: 237124
Age: 19

Last but certainly not least we have lovely Helen for you.
Do we even need to write anything down here? I mean, look at the amount of followers she has; more than 230K!
That’s more followers than Saddam Hussein has on his fanpage!
Now that’s for a very good reason.
She is from somewhere around Europe so we naturally assume that she has no boundaries, and this is pretty much true.
But this sweet teen has that special X factor.
That special sauce that we all love but can’t really describe.
I guess the only way to find out is to go in her chatroom and find out for yourself.

And you can do that right here.